Thixorion™ – Durable Thin Dielectric

SDN® Thixorion™ is a Al-Si hybrid nanocomposite liquid-based coating material, has an excellent combination of mechanical, electrical and chemical resistant properties that makes it desirable for a variety of applications from Electronics and Machinery to Decorative.

Product Features:

  • Excellent Dielectric Breakdown Strength: 200V/um @ 3-5μm thickness
  • Abrasion Resistance, ASTM 4060: 3.9mg/1000 cycles
  • Very low surface roughness (Ra), friction reduction functionality
  • Can be deposited as a conformal or planarizing coating
  • Can be used to seal porous substrates, including anodization and plasma spray coatings
    Download Thixorion™ Technical Data Sheet

Typical applications: Electronics, Aerospace, Robotics, Electric Motors, Telecom, PCB encapsulation, Connectors, Machinery, Decorative, Flexible Electronics, LEDs and other applications.

SDN® Thixorion™ coating material is also available from NAMICS Co., Japan.

Case studies and reports:

Electronics: to meet industrial needs
Report: Friction Coefficient Reduction