Disruptive Corrosion and Abrasion Protection

To address industrial trends and environmental needs, Advenira has developed a range of unique liquid-based nanoengineered SDN® coating materials: AdvenGuard™, ClearCorrUV™ and ClearCorr®.

The SDN® coatings provide impermeable barrier by covalent bonding direct to metal, alloys, concrete, wood, plastics, ceramics and other substrates. SDN® coatings can be used in conjunction with conversion, galvanic coatings or coating systems, when required, to provide superior corrosion protection.

SDN® Coatings: zero VOC, free of HAPs, single component, 100% solid and direct-to-metal

  • Excellent Corrosion Protection: proven 10+ years on vehicle from single layer
  • Superior Chemical and Solvent Resistance
  • Disruptive Abrasion Resistance, Pull of Adhesion and Hardness
  • Typical Coverage: 78 m²/kg @10μm
  • Extremely Fast Application: fully cured and ready to use from seconds
  • ... and beyond: natural metal finish, scratch resistant, water repellent, anti-icing, anti-soiling, thermal cycling stable.

AdvenGuard™ - UV-curable

ClearCorrUV™ - UV-curable

  • Typical substrates: metal, alloys, concrete, plastics, wood, ceramics and others
  • High purity, precision in-line applications, passed ANSI 61
  • Download ClearCorrUV™ TDS

ClearCorr® - Thermal Curable

  • Typical substrates: metal, alloys, ceramics and others
  • Highly effective for precision applications, passed ANSI 61
  • Download ClearCorr® TDS

Case studies, inserts:

  1. AdvenGuard™: Outdoor application demo video
  2. AdvenGuard™: Liquid Nitrogen Thermal Cycling Test demo video
  3. AdvenGuard™ on Plastic Bumper demo video
  4. ClearCorrUV™ insert
  5. ClearCorr® insert

Served Industries:

  • Aerospace - Aircraft bodies, pneumatic actuators, moving shafts;
  • Appliances - Kitchen and bathroom appliances, furniture;
  • Automotive - Automotive bodies, mufflers, cylinders;
  • Coil - Aluminum, EGS, HDG pre-painted metal for construction, roofing;
  • Consumer Goods - Tub and pool piping, bathroom appliances, decorations;
  • Electronics - PCB, Connectors, LED;
  • Marine - Ships and boats, equipment;
  • Oil and Gas - pipes, tubular and pipeline connectors, valves, actuators and other equipment subject to galling, erosion, corrosion or fouling;
  • Water Purification - System parts and assemblies. An example of Advenira’s technology can be seen in parts used in water purification systems. These parts are exposed to a variety of solutions and typically start showing signs of corrosion within one to two weeks.

Advenira’s SDN® coating materials have been validated and accepted by a wide range companies within various industries, including Aerospace, Appliances, Automotive, Coil, Display, Electronics, Flooring, Industrial, Marine, Medical Devices, Metal Finishing, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Power Generation, Water and many others.

Corrosion continues to adversely affect the environment and the world’s largest industries as it slowly degrades the structural integrity of metal objects. It is vitally important to implement optimal corrosion control practices to maximize the survivability and useful lifetime of metal structures.

Today’s existing protection against corrosion creates environmental hazards, is costly or lacks the necessary capability to deal with the world’s demand. To mitigate the effects of corrosion there is a need to inspect, test and maintain corroded parts, objects and structures at regular intervals to verify that they still meet their original design specifications. Methods of protecting metals from corrosion include the use of specialty alloys and the application of protective barrier coatings, both of which are costly and call for a high turnaround of coatings.

Coatings by Advenira Enterprises, Inc. for industrial materials lessen the environmental impact through lower energy consumption and waste generation; and they create economic advantages through stronger durability and increased longevity.

The SDN® coatings are very low or zero VOC, HAPs-compliant and chrome-free formulations designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates.