AdvenShield™ – Glass-like Hard Coat

SDN® AdvenShield™ coatings family has been specially designed as a Thin Hard Coating with the best balanced properties to enhance Touch Screens functionality, protect Plastics and other substrates

Product Features:

  • Protection, encapsulation, low COGS & weight of your devices
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Reflective: TL improved for glass and PC - Haze <0.2%
  • Abrasion Resistant: up to 9H Pencil Hardness, ΔHaze < 2% (1000 cycles 500g); 1.4mg (1000 cycles, 1 kg)
  • Dielectric Breakdown: 140V/um @20°C, DBV 3kV @20μm
  • Can be applied over ITO/SiO2, PMMA, PC, etc.
    Download AdvenShield™ Technical Data Sheet

Typical applications: Touch Screens and Sensors, Plastics/PC, Optics, Glass and Electronic Devices.