Impermion™ – Durable Anti-Reflective Topcoat

SDN® Impermion™ coatings family has been specially engineered for Solar, Architecture and Automotive Industries with the best-balanced properties:

  • Excellent Durability:
    - Survive product lifetime and struggle with environmental exposure and cleaning processes
    - Strengthen glass by healing scuff marks and surface defects
    - Protect sensitive coatings like typical Ag2/Ag3 Low-E coatings
  • Right Surface Properties:
    - Reduce soiling rates compared to glass
    - Reduce cleaning requirements in harsh environments
  • Fine-tuned Optical Performance:
    - Anti-Reflective Coating
    - Increase PV module power output

Download Impermion™ Technical Data Sheet

Case study: Solar Glass

  • 2x better than typical AR coatings:
    - %Δ Haze is up to 0.9% after Sand Drop test
    - Superior Durability and Extremely Low Degradation
  • 3-5x better than glass:
    - 3x better Abrasion Resistance, Taber test
    - 5x better Anti-Soiling, %Δ Haze after Dry Dirt Test
  • SDN® Impermion™ remains resistant after testing in NaOH and water boil soak tests.

Case study: Low-E protection