DiffusGuard™- Diffusion Barrier for Glass


Thin (80-100 nm) SDN® DiffusGuard™ coating is extremely effective against alkali metal ion diffusion from the glass enabling increasing efficiency and longevity of impurity sensitive devices, like Low-e glass, Displays, PV, TFPV, FPD, LED, Touch Sensors, Smart Windows, Anti-Reflective Solar Glass and etc.

  • Improve the fracture toughness, repair scuffs, scratches, corrosion marks and other surface defects
  • Enabling impurity sensitive devices to be built on low cost glass substrates

Case study: ITO protection


  • Sheet resistance of ITO deposited on DiffusGuard™ coated soda-lime glass is consistently 20-25% lower than identically ITO without DiffusGuard™
  • Coated soda-lime glass was exposed to a standard selenization, sulfurization cycle up to 525°C. There was no evidence of Se-blooming after processing, unlike uncoated glass that showed reddish blooms due to Na/Se reaction.