Optical Coatings – Efficient Technology

Advenira boosts efficiency, protects and lowers costs for Energy-Efficient Windows, Windshields, Architecture, Transportation, Solar, Appliances Glass and Ceramics, as well as for Flat Panel Displays, Touch Screens and many other glass or ceramic-based products.

Advenira’s SDN® is a liquid-based atmospheric low-cost / high-throughput coating method and coating solutions that forms a “glass-like” durable solid surface providing disruptive functionality:

Glass is everywhere – our windows, car windshields and sunroofs, architectural facades, computer and phone screens, flat panel displays, solar panels, lighting panels – and it has become increasingly vital to introduce an advanced method for manufacturing devices on glass in order to provide and save energy throughout the world.

Today’s existing coatings are produced by vacuum technologies, which are highly CapEx intensive and energy consuming. The demand for economical functional thin-films, as well as for durable, long- lasting protective coatings that repel water, dirt and residue for an array of glass products, remains unmet.

Coatings by Advenira Enterprises, Inc. for energy-efficient windows, windshields, architecture glass, flat panel displays and photovoltaic panels can meet this demand with higher efficiency and productivity through its patented Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® Technology and Coatings.