Generic Application

To simplify industrial integration of novel SDN® protective coating materials for a wider range of applications Advenira has developed application protocols corresponded with commonly available industrial equipment, methods and materials.

Our disruptive liquid-based protective coating materials are available without new CAPEX or complicated integration!

Process Guide:

  • Cleaning: the surface must be dry and free of dirt, dust and grease
  • Coating: Manual or Robotic Spray, Dip, Roll or Brush
  • Curing: fully cured from seconds to minutes

Key Features:

  • Coat any substrate: metal, alloys, composites, concrete, glass, wood and others
  • Coat any 3D shape from inside and outside including patches
  • Produces smooth, dense and highly resistant coating
  • Low cost - high throughput with high material utilization rate
  • Environmental Friendly

Case study: SDN® AdvenGuard™ Protective Coating: In-field Application Demo

Advenira’s SDN® coating materials have been validated and accepted by a lot of players within various industries, including Aerospace, Appliances, Automotive, Display, Electronics, Flooring, Industrial, Marine, Medical Devices, Metal Finishing, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Power Generation, Water and many others.

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The SDN® coatings are very low or zero VOC, HAPs-compliant and chrome-free formulations designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates.