SDN® Protective & Optical Coatings

Advenira Enterprises, Inc. manufacturers a broad range of liquid coatings, with formulations engineered to satisfy industrial glass coating requirements as well as applications for plastic, metal and other substrate systems. From in-field applicable unique protective coatings to high precision optical coatings, we deliver significant value to our customers and partners within various industries.

Advenira has the in-house capability to coat prototype components and substrates, and works with customers to develop suitable application and curing protocols for specific applications. In addition to our fine-tuned SDN® coating materials, we have proven experience in application process and equipment engineering.

Using the Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® Technology Platform, Advenira can engineer additional coating functionalities to meet clients’ specific needs. The technology is a unique alternative to the commonly used coating materials and methods, including a wide range of organic coatings, vacuum (PVD, CVD, etc.) and non-vacuum (anodizing, electroplating, E-coat, etc.) coating systems.


SDN® coating materials are being engineered with three general ideas:

By orders of magnitude better -
than available solutions
High throughput and low cost -
to overcome customers' needs
Environmental friendly -
to meet strict regulation standards

Served Industries: