Based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Advenira has a fully operational facility comprised of a precursor manufacturing line, production scale Roll Coating System and 3D-Hybrid Coating System to deposit various precursors on metal, glass and plastic panels, as well as on 3-dimensional complex objects, such as semiconductor process parts, and industrial components and assemblies.

Unlike most existing coating materials and processes that require high vacuum and high temperature deposition, Advenira’s patented Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® films are cost-efficiently applied at room temperature and with atmospheric pressure on a high-throughput conveyer line. The liquid coating replaces the commonly used vacuum (PVD, CVD, ALD, etc.) and non-vacuum (electroplating, plasma spray, chemical bath, etc.) deposition techniques.

As the complexity and pricing pressure of manufacturing increases, improved performance at a lower cost becomes more critical. Advenira’s technology addresses this need by enabling industrial-scale deposition of liquid coatings on various materials at significantly lower costs, while delivering higher performance by incorporating nanoscale technology.

Advenira Enterprises, Inc. is a global provider of proprietary Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® Technology

and disruptive liquid-based environmental friendly SDN® coating materials